Loan Officers Top Reverse Mortgage Lenders’ Job Demands

With the holiday season underway, reverse mortgage lenders continue to set their sights on hiring skilled professionals across a variety of expertise, particularly reverse mortgage loan officers.

Livewell Financial, Liberty HomeEquity Solutions and Network Funding are but a few lenders offering positions for reverse mortgage loan officers in this week’s jobs posting, but those aren’t the only available openings.

Others like Nationwide Equities, Yadkin Bank and Homestead Funding Corp. are also seeking job talents for reverse mortgage loan originators, specialists and account executives, to name only a few of the job opportunities for reverse professionals.


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  • Are all these job openings replacing the experienced originators who realize this business will be very limited in the years to come and are getting out? This industry will not be a growth industry in the short term (3-5 years).

    • With lenders facing significantly lower revenues based on a “all other things being equal basis” (due to FHA HECM changes), they are desperate to offset revenue losses anyway they can including grabbing HECM producing originators from whatever source they can.

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