FHA Issues New Handbook for Forward Lending Policy

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is developing a new forward mortgage policy handbook that will consolidate all FHA Single Family requirements into one authoritative source.

The draft section of the new handbook is based on the Title II mortgage process from application through endorsement, starting with a Table of Contents that identifies broad categories, such as Origination/Processing, as well as detailed sub-categories like Borrower Obligation Requirements.

The Table of Contents is followed by policy sections and separate appendices that include specific requirements for specialized products and programs, current Mortgage Insurance Premiums, a Glossary of Terms and a Glossary of Acronyms. 


FHA also intends to address special products and programs in the handbook’s appendices that will provide lenders with the basic program-specific requirements.

“At FHA, we are improving the way we develop and communicate policy, and responding to industry requests to make FHA policy consistent and easier to follow,” said FHA. “We are also striving to communicate more often, and to provide the industry with the training and support needed to make working with FHA Single Family Housing easier.”

The agency will accept feedback on the first draft of the new Single Family Handbook through November 29, 2013. While an exact publication date is to-be-determined, FHA is aiming to publish the handbook early 2014, with an effective date slated for Spring 2014.

Written by Jason Oliva

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