AAG Rolls Out Reverse Mortgage Ad With New Approach

American Advisors Group has rolled out a new reverse mortgage ad featuring its spokesman Fred Thompson. 

Taking a slightly new approach to its messaging, the commercial, which is running nationwide on cable stations, includes humorous dialogue between Thompson and a potential reverse mortgage borrower. It also acknowledges some of the skepticism around reverse mortgages. 

The ad, so far, has performed well across networks where it currently is running, AAG’s marketing team says. 


“In creating this commercial, we hoped to take a different approach to talking about the product, such as acknowledging some public skepticism about reverses, as well as bring a little humor to our advertising campaign,” says Teague McGrath, Chief Marketing Officer. 

This spot has been running for the last two weeks on various channels including TV LAND, WGNA, GAME SHOW NETWORK amongst others, and performing well, AAG says.

Thompson, who has long held a career as an actor in addition to political roots, is currently performing in the Broadway production of the John Grisham novel “A Time to Kill.”

View the new AAG ad

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • This is a good ad. It needed to be changed and this not only brings humor into it but it now has the personal touch and communication with a live senior, good ad!

    John A. Smaldone

  • Not much of a changed message if all it is doing is adding is a single sentence stating a reverse mortgage is a financial tool. Perhaps it might drive a very small percentage of the greater senior home owning community who might not otherwise look into reverse mortgages to call for information but it is very doubtful if that percentage will be anything other than very small.

    Good results are not based on getting more information but on new fundings. Right now it is far too early to conclude anything other than the phone lines are lighting up because of the ad.

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