Reverse Mortgage Wholesale Holds Steady as Lender Shuffle in Rankings

Reverse mortgage brokers remain an active component of the market at 56% of market share according to the most recent report from Reverse Market Insight, compiling July endorsement volume and leading to a rearranging of lenders in the top-10 rankings for combined endorsement volume overall. 

RMI’s recent report includes, for the first time in many months, the lender rankings for wholesalers and retailers and total combined, presenting a “rather interesting spin,” RMI writes. 

Topping the list of lender rankings, Liberty Home Equity Solutions occupies the top of the overall lenders list with 9,942 loans year to date as of July, ranking No. 2 for wholesale and No. 4 for retail. 


Reverse Mortgage Solutions and Security One combined take the No. 2 spot overall, followed by Urban Financial Group, American Advisors Group and Generation, respectively, with tight competition among them, RMI notes. 

Both retail volume and Wholesale volume rose over the course of july, with retail up 7.7% and wholesale up 7.5%, following the consolidation of the HECM Standard and Saver programs, but preceding the latest reverse mortgage changes implemented by HUD on October 1. 

View the rankings compiled by Reverse Market Insight. 

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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    • Raymond,

      Since your reply has not been posted to this thread although Disqus did notify me of your posting it online, I will answer your statement here.

      Your posting states: “Sounds very cynical.” Like many others I do not believe you know the definition of cynical. Here is what Google gives as the definition: “believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.” So if that is what you meant, my views are tied to that definition.

      I believe you meant to say: “Sounds very pessimistic.” But then you would be of the opinion that wholesale improvement was good for the industry. I am neither for or against TPOs; they are but a fact of life.

      On these matters my view is more realistic, pragmatic, and balanced. I am for the tide lifting both reverse mortgage lenders and TPOs, not one over the other.

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