Reverse Mortgage Lenders Now Hiring to Fill Need for New Originators

Reverse mortgage lenders continue their search for fresh job talents in light of a marketplace that has changed as a result of FHA program changes implemented April 1. 

Originators and loan officers remain in high demand among lenders large and small from Nationwide Equities to Omni-Fund and 1st Reverse Mortgage USA. 

Reverse mortgage lenders desire qualified personnel. Think you fit the description? Apply today.


Click the following opportunities that are now open for more information. Or for a complete list of jobs, visit Reverse Mortgage Jobs Online.


Visit our website for additional opportunities in the reverse mortgage industry.

The best and the brightest read RMD. Want them to join your team? Post your jobs to Reverse Mortgage Jobs Online today!

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  • Do reverse mortgage “need” truly new originators? Or is it that they really need experienced producers?

    Training truly new originators is a difficult process and at times can be quite costly. It is hard to believe that at a time when overall administrative costs are rising due to increased compliance related costs, per loan revenues are shrinking, and originations are in decline with perhaps even greater decline just over the horizon due to more HUD policy changes, that HECM lenders would be clamoring for green originators.

    Those who can produce in this environment are at a premium.

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