With Changing Times, Reverse Fortunes Becomes Reverse Focus

Reverse mortgage industry resource, technology and training provider Reverse Fortunes has changed its name to Reverse Focus, the company announced Wednesday.

Approaching its five-year anniversary in November, the organization says the new name better reflects its role in the reverse mortgage space. The change comes with a new logo, color scheme and navigation for its member-subscribers and online visitors to its website.

“The new name better reflects our service to the industry for the last five years, but more importantly our renewed commitment and focus with ground breaking technologies,” said Shannon Hicks, vice president of product development.


Among the services the newly-branded company provides are an industry-specific CRM tool, consumer websites, training webinars, weekly videos and podcasts.

Five years and a name change later, the company notes its growth during the time since its launch.

“Five years ago we were unknown except to a handful of originators,” said Eric Hiatt, President of Reverse Focus. “Today we are fortunate to have established a true brand and national presence.”

The company says to expect another major announcement soon.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • Unfortunately (no play on words) the name “Reverse Fortunes” has definite negative connotations in some circles.  “Reverse Focus” is a much better name not only for the company but as an industry leading vendor for the industry as well.

  • Under any name Shannon & Eric have done an incredible job with this company. They are a constant positive force in an industry still so surrounded by mis-information and half-truths…
    Best of luck guys with the new name!
    Let’s hope everyone in the industry “stays focused!”

  • Eric, Shannon and the rest of the team associated with Reverse Focus, I think this was an excellent decision as you all have continually focused on the positive aspects of those things affecting our industry. Keep up the good work and good luck to you all in your next five years.

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