GFHEA Launches New Robert Wagner Reverse Mortgage Campaign

Robert Wagner is back in the reverse mortgage industry and is starring in a new advertising campaign for Genworth Financial Home Equity Access (GFHEA).

The commercial, which has started airing in some markets, currently features Robert Wagner’s voice, but the company is shooting its own commercials with plans to air them in November. GFHEA is working with Synolo Solutions, a consulting company lead by David Peskin, the former CEO of the Senior Lending Network who has signed Robert Wagner.

“As we considered building a new direct response advertising campaign for reverse mortgages, Robert Wagner was a natural choice to bring back as our spokesperson,” said David Peskin, CEO of Synolo Solutions.


The actor was previously signed with Urban Financial Group but the company announced in July it was changing its advertising strategy and would no longer feature the celebrity in its commercials.

Peskin said they plan on using Wagner in a way different from how he has been utilized in the past. “It will be different form what we’ve seen traditionally,” he said. “We’re trying to take this product to the next level.”

It’s not clear if leads generated form the campaign will be used only for Genworth’s retail campaign or whether they will be used to drive its wholesale business as well.

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  • Nice to see Mr. Wagner back, and look forward to watching the New Ad Campaign since All industry promotion on Multi-Media TV benefits us all with increased Public Awareness.

    Thank You Genworth.

  • Bobby Wags definitely makes the phone ring in a call center environment and older seniors identify with and trust his message. Good to see him back in the ballgame…but did any of us really expect him to be gone for long?

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