Chicago Tribune: Presidential Debate Win Will Take a “Reverse Mortgage Guy”

Wednesday’s presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney could come down to who is “The Reverse Mortgage Guy,” writes a Chicago Tribune columnist this week. 

A generic term, writes Tribune columnist John Kass, the Reverse Mortgage Guy is “a real smooth talker.” They are good at what they do, he writes, “they sell.”

Kass writes:


As we prepare for the great debate between President Barack Obama (blessed be his name) and that guy with the Mr. Fantastic Four haircut unloved by the media, I ask you to keep someone in mind:

A real smooth talker who can convince you of anything.

…The Reverse Mortgage Guy.

I’m speaking generally, of course, using Reverse Mortgage Guy in generic terms, because there are many reputable reverse mortgage guys in many reputable reverse mortgage TV commercials. But such men are almost identical to other noted smooth talkers, reputable men like the Sell-Your-Gold-By-Mail Guy and his polar opposite, the Buy-Gold-Before-Armageddon-Comes Guy.

And don’t forget the Save-Thousands-on-Groceries-by-Vacuum-Sealing-Your-Leftovers Guy, the ShamWow Guy, the Snuggie Guy and Mr. Handy Bundler.

So to save ink, I’m just going to call all of them Reverse Mortgage Guy. They’re good at what they do. They sell. And they’ve sold me just about everything except the Armageddon Gold kit. They could sell dead rats as earmuffs to blind men.

The one thing they all have in common is that they’re on TV, they’re smooth talkers, and each is an expert convincer. This cannot be underestimated, for commercial pitchmen or for presidential candidates. Because convincing the American people of what you won’t do to them after the election is perhaps the most vital political skill in the world.

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • I don’t know what’s better, being a Used Car Salesman or a Reverse Mortgage Guy. This  Uninformed Media Guy probably lost his inheritance when his mother decided to do a reverse mortgage rather than live on $800 a month from Social Security.

    • Or as Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said about John McCain back in 2008: “…preying on seniors like a bogus reverse-mortgage peddler.”  This is among my favorite proofs that Democratic Party leadership down deep inside actively supports the reverse mortgage concept.  Don’t you just feel the love — LOL!!!

  • Any other professional sales people out there tired of the salaried employee complaining about us and what we do?  

    Some of us “pitch-men” are truthful, honest, hard working and can put our heads on the pillow every night, knowing we’ve helped seniors out of difficult situations that day.  I know I can.  For the past 5 years I’ve helped out hundreds of seniors in trouble.  YES, I get paid for it, unlike the government worker who gets paid (including a retirement plan) and doesn’t help a senior.  
    As was said at the opening remarks at the Republican Convention, “Americans should not have to Apologize for Success”.  So when it comes to professional REVERSE Mortgage experts, let’s not apologize for 40+ years of sales expertise, masters degrees, VP Sales at Fortune 500 firms, and finding ourselves unemployed after 9/11 and having to re-invent ourselves as “commission only” sales people in the mortgage business. We do what we have to do to feed our families!  Hard work should be rewarded, and going to a meeting at 7 AM 3x a week, and getting home after 9 PM 4x a week and working weekends and evenings when seniors can see us is simply put . . part of the job!  No apology here!    

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