Remembering Roger Reynolds, Reverse Mortgage Pioneer

Roger Reynolds, one of the original reverse mortgage industry pioneers, passed away this weekend. Remembered for his very early participation in the reverse mortgage business as one of just 50 initial lenders in a reverse mortgage pilot program launched in the early 1990s, Reynolds worked for several companies in the business and made an impression on those with whom he worked.

“He will be remembered as one of the original guys in getting NRMLA started,” says Jeff Taylor, founder of Wendover Consulting of Reynolds’ participation in the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.

In his work with Director’s Mortgage and later NorWest Mortgage, Reynolds was known for listening and understanding what his senior clients were trying to achieve.


“He was famous for making sure everyone he trained remembered: When you are speaking to a senior, you must first ask ‘What are you trying to accomplish?'” Taylor says.

Reynolds later worked in the reverse mortgage division of Wells Fargo, working to grow the bank’s business.

“Roger loved the program and his senior clients. He was such an advocate and shared his passion with all that would listen,” says Kim Wagoner, who worked with Reynolds at Wells Fargo and now serves as senior vice president, PMB fulfillment center. “He will be sorely missed.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • Although not knowing Mr. Reynolds during his peak production years.  I got to know him shortly after he retired from Wells.  Several individuals at Security One were excited because Mr. Torrey Larsen was wooing Mr. Reynolds out of retirement.

    At first Mr. Reynolds did not impress.  But within days, it was clear the depth of his knowledge in so many areas was not only impressive but was a real benefit to our firm.

    A phrase Mr. Reynolds used with great frequency was:  “Old news.”  But he rarely said it in a mean or vicious way and normally with a chuckle in his voice.  Mr. Reynolds is already missed.  

  • I am so sad to hear about his passing.  Roger was the Godfather of reverse mortages.  My heart goes out to his family.  He will definitely be missed.

  • I was privileged to know Roger from the very early years of the reverse mortgage industry. Each of us was with one of the 50 lenders chosen to do the test program for HECM. I always enjoyed seeing him at the conferences because he was so willing to share his knowledge and experience in what was a new and evolving industry. His concern for seniors was very clear and he knew what we were doing was important. If there is a heaven, and I believe there is, Roger is right now renewing old relationships with many of the seniors whose lives were changed by him. God Bless him.

  • I clearly remember the day I met Roger 11 years ago.  He hired me at Wells Fargo and helped me get my start, as he did for many others.  What a great guy, they just don’t get better.  See ya on the other side buddy!

  • Im truly at a loss for words.

    I was also hired by Roger Reynolds ten years ago next month.  I initially interviewed with Karl Lowry at Wells Fargo, and had to be interviewed by Roger as well. 

    Roger epitomized by example the reasons why I do what I do. 

    GodSpeed Roger.  You will be missed!


  • I send my most heartfelt condolences to Roger’s family. I had the pleasure of meeting Roger in the mid-1990’s and I will always remember his kindness, ever-ready smile and commitment to our industry. Roger will be sorely missed.

  • So sorry to hear of Roger’s passing.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and all that knew him.  I had the pleasure of working with Roger at both Director’s and NorWest going back quite a few years ago.  HE will be greatly missed and contribrited greatly to the HECM industry.  Thanks Roger and RIP!!!

  • Roger was a classy guy who trained many of us in the business.  His legacy exists in the tens of thousands of seniors who continue to benefit from Roger’s efforts.

  • I met Roger in 1970 something while working at Directors Mtg. He was always so helpful and eager to teach. Those were so good times. Gary Anderson will be happy to see Roger. Eleven years ago when I came back in the mtg business to Wells as a reverse mtg rep and learned Roger was there it was like old home week. My heart goes out to Connie and Rogers family. Roger will be missed.

  • Roger Reynolds hired me, a young buck with no experience in financial services in 1998.   He was a true gentleman who took the time to train and mentor me and countless others in HECM lending.   My heart is heavy with sadness as I remember the man that gave me a chance in the industry that I know and love.  RIP Roger, and may God hold your family in the palm of His hand as they mourn your passing.  Thanks for everything you did for me.
    Brien J. Brandenburg
    Greensboro NC

  • I worked with Roger at Directors Moetgage ftom the early 80’s untiil the mid 90’s.  He was not only a co-worker but a good friend.  What
    a great guy!  He will be missed !

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