Landmark Rolls Out New Appraiser Technology to Drive Faster Process

Reverse mortgage appraisal management company Landmark Network has announced the rollout of their new technology platform, Landscape™, that will aid in streamlining the appraisal process for appraisers and lenders.

The Landscape™ system, created in-house under the leadership of the Landmark executive team, takes care of workflow needs related to the appraisal management process. At a time when demands are rising for appraisals and the number of those in the business is falling, such an improvement is well timed to drive efficiency.

“We are now able to meet the growing needs of our clients,” says Erik Richard, Landmark Network CEO. “One of the things that excites us most about the new platform is our ability to offer clients a level of service and customization that is unparalleled in our industry .”


Through Landscape™, the AMC, appraiser and clients can communicate on all appraisal orders currently in progress and those that have been completed. Additionally, it integrates with loan origination platforms as well as web-based systems used by lenders.

Some notable features of the platform include a live chat option, mapping, satellite images, and a self-contained notification system. One specific feature of note is a direct connection with the Federal Housing Administration’s appraiser roster, thus vetting appraisers not only through the AMC, but also through FHA directly. “This has allowed us access to a much larger base of appraisers and for clients in rural or underserved markets, it has improved the reach of our appraiser network,” said Erik Richard.

While the technology is new to Landmark’s client and appraiser base, it has received a very positive response and high rate of adoption since its launch in August.

“We’re are not trying to force people to be more tech savvy,” says Hunter Gorog, Landmark president and COO. “We actually have seen success in driving previous clients who didn’t use the past system into using the new one. Previously, both clients and appraisers relied heavily on email communication to request and or provide updates instead of logging in, leading to an offline relationship. Now, the platform has made it much easier and user friendly for them to complete these same requests through the system; therefore, resulting in faster response times and documentation of all requests.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • If appraisers were paid a fair share of the money charged for an appraisal, we would have more appraisers in the business and there wouldn’t be a slow appraisal process. The AMCs drove a large number of well qualified appraisers out of the business by paying them a very small percentage of what we have to charge as originators to our borrowers.  That’s why the appraisal process is so much slower than it used to be.  
    I would love to be proved wrong, so if there are any public records showing what appraisers now make for each appraisal they do , please add a comment and let me know.

  • Ray – If you use Landmark as your AMC, just take a look at their “Certificate of Appraiser Independence” form.  It’ll show their take vs. the appraiser’s at the bottom.  It looks to be about a 70/30 split on most of my orders (70% going to the appraiser).  

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