[Poll] Where do Financial Planners Stand on Reverse Mortgages?

On the heels of several published articles this year in the financial planning community touting the use of reverse mortgages as a retirement planning tool, rather than a last resort, some reverse mortgage originators have reported a marked change in working with financial planning professionals.

Have you noticed a recent change in the attitudes of financial planners when working with them to address potential reverse mortgage uses for their clients? Let us know.


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  • I hope financial planners will be somewhat skeptical but inquisitive about the findings.  It would be best if they took some of their client files and do some experimenting to see if they agree with the findings.  That will have a far greater result simply having a better attitude about HECMs.

    Do our opinions count?  Not really!!  

  • Yeah and the number of applications for Savers and Standards are growing so much each month that there are not enough originators in the industry to handle the new volume.  Oh yeah, and look our month-to-month endorsement numbers have never been so high.

    Have you heard things are so great Wells, B of A, and Met Life are buying up Urban, Security One, One Reverse and anybody else they can just to get back into the business.

    I feel so humiliated!!!  But it seems as if you are such an over optimist (almost Pollyannaish) you have no idea what the difference is between pessimistic and cynical outlooks.

    I will wake you up out of your dream world the next time HECM endorsements for a single month reach 8,330 or more.  Until then you should get a whole lot of sleep.

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