HUD Names New Director to Combat Fraud, Strengthen Program Integrity

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has named Michael Stolworthy as Director of Fraud Prevention and Program Integrity for the department’s Office of Inspector General. 

Previously, Stolworthy has served as a special agent and has served for four years in HUD-OIG’s Office of Investigations, according to an alert from the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. Additionally, he brings 19 years of law enforcement experience.

In the new role, Stolworthy will build lines of communication with law enforcement and mortgage industry professionals, NRMLA said. He will develop fraud prevention efforts, organize efforts within the department’s Offices of Audit, Investigations and Inspections and Evaluations. 


RMD confirmed Stolworthly’s new position with HUD. 

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • It was surprising to see NRMLA come out with the referenced alert.  While Michael has a significant post at HUD, it hardly seemed to merit the alert.

    So the question begs why did NRMLA make this announcement.  Doing this makes it look like that when NRMLA does not do this for those of equal and higher rank NRMLA has some kind of “special” relationship with those they do announce.  That may mean nothing to some and bring up questions with others.

    The alert seemed odd when issued and still seems odd.

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