AARP Launches New Program to Help Keep Seniors at Home

AARP today announced its first housing grant program to aid Americans who are ages 50-plus by providing better housing options. 

The initiative is geared specifically toward organizations that create better access to housing for the struggling 50-plus population, AARP says, by ensuring they are able to maintain their current homes as safe places to live and age. 

Organizations applying for the $1 million in grants should be working in an effort to create new models of home modification to serve the older population that is suffering from inadequate housing, according to the request for proposal. 


“As Americans age, the need for safe and affordable housing options becomes even more critical,” said AARP Foundation President Jo Ann Jenkins. “High housing costs, aging homes, and costly repairs can greatly impact those with limited incomes. Our housing grants program will support organizations that work to alleviate the affects of the housing crisis for people 50 and older.”

The grants will be awarded to organizations with a proven record of providing home-repair assistance regionally or nationally, and will total $1 million. Grant recipients will be announced in December, with the RFP deadline of September 21. 

Found out more from the AARP Foundation

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • AARP could far better serve seniors if they provided grants to destitute borrowers who are willing but unable to pay thier taxes or homeowners insurance.

    • reversemaniac,

      The costs to such a project would be staggering.  If the average amount owed by HECM borrowers is only $3,000 then at 10% of the outstanding HECMs, the total owed by all those in default just for taxes and insurance would exceed $150 million.

  • How about a program to assist those with no equity in their homes (due to the economy) nor paid off mortgage to be able to receive loans too?

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