Montana Woman Bilks Mother Out of Reverse Mortgage Proceeds

A Missoula, Montana woman is facing a 10-year suspended sentence and $100,000 in restitution for bilking her mother out of reverse mortgage proceeds, the local Missoulian reports.

Paulette Homer Ford was found guilty of elder exploitation earlier this year, and this week was sentenced in the case regarding her mother’s reverse mortgage.

The Millsoulian writes:


“A Missoula woman convicted of paying off her debts with more than $141,000 she obtained from a reverse mortgage on her mother’s house has been given a 10-year suspended sentence and ordered to repay $100,000.

Paulette Homer Ford was found guilty of exploiting an elder person in January. Prosecutors alleged Ford took advantage of her mother’s dementia to take out the reverse mortgage and used the money to pay off debts and purchase property. …

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • They didn’t mention if she had POA – I’m assuming not, but more specifics of the scenario would be helpful in determining where the leak is so we can help plug it…

    • Olivia,

      If there was a POA, as the daughter, it might not be so clear that what she did, no matter what it was, amounts to “bilking.”  But you are right; more information is needed.

  • She would have had to have POA for the Escrow company or attorney to close the transaction.  The documents would have had to be notarized also

    • Not if the mother signed the loan docs and the daughter called the servicer pretending to be the mother and the money went into some type of joint account where the daughter had legal access to the funds.

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