What Does the CFPB’s Reverse Mortgage Report Mean for Originators?

NewImage.jpgReverse Fortunes is providing RMD readers with a FREE training session coming up on Wednesday, July 25, 1:00-2:00 PM EST (10:00 AM PST). Mark your calendar!

The session will cover a long-anticipated study released by the CFPB in June on the reverse mortgage industry. What did the report say and what do you need to know in order to be prepared for the questions it raises? Reverse Fortunes will tell you why the fixed rate reverse mortgage is likely to get even more attention in light of this landmark report as well as next steps for the CFPB in reporting to Congress on reverse mortgage lenders and products.

What does the CFPB study mean for you as an originator? Tune in to find out. 


Reverse Fortunes will also cover:

  • Why the fixed rate product will be scrutinized even more
  • What disclosures may we see for RMs from the Bureau?
  • Why the CFPB sees the Saver as risky in some circumstances
  • How a ‘complex’ product like the RM can be made simpler…
  • Ideas to protect your lending practice and keep out of harm’s way
  • Six things to avoid in your marketing!
  • How the report may shape the upcoming Financial Assessment.

Space is limited, so sign up now!

Date:  Wednesday, July 25, 1:00-2:00 PM EST (10:00 AM PST). Mark your calendar!

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  • The world for the originator is in for a change, no doubt about that.

    Reverse Fortunes sounds like they are doing us all a service, I know I will be signing up for it.

    I am concerned what the CFPB study say’s. Some of there concerns about the fixed rate product are justified for the protection of our seniors. Many other things are out right scary.

    The session on Wednesday the 25th with Reverse Fortunes shall be very interesting.

    John A. Smaldone

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