Coester Appraisal Group Announces Name Change, New Operations Manager

Reverse mortgage appraisal management company (AMC) Coester Appraisal Group this week announced a name change to CoesterVMS. 

The Rockville, Maryland-based company has recently grown its business into the appraisal management technology arena with an expanded line of valuation management services including a Cloud-based “do-it-yourself” appraisal management technology built through the platform. 

CoesterVMS also offers an “Assisted self-serve” appraisal management service that allows lenders to use Coester’s AMC while having CoesterVMS manage the lender’s appraisal panel. 


“Lenders need ways to stay compliant without upsetting their ecosystems or their budgets,” says Brian Coester, CoesterVMS CEO. “Until the assisted self-serve option, no AMC would manage a lender’s appraiser panel. Until Cloud Control, no appraisal management technology was configurable to the user level, and no appraisal technology was 100% free.”  

Additionally, Coester announced it has hired Rob Chasteen as its senior vice president of operations. Chasteen brings operations experience with First Choice Bank as well as underwriting management experience with Wells Fargo. The company also noted the opening of a new Virginia Beach office as well as four new account managers and six additional staff. 

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • What a strange name change. Why do not a split up and have a parent entity with the new name and leave a “subsidiary” with the existing name? They must have their reasons but it is not obvious and does not seem well thought out.

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