Puerto Rico, East Coast Dominate Top Reverse Mortgage Zip Codes

While traditionally, several states including California, Florida and Texas have dominated the reverse mortgage market in terms of volume, a report this week from Reverse Market Insight drilled down to specific zip codes where reverse mortgages are most prevalent. 

While the No. 1 reverse mortgage town currently is located in Utah, the remaining nine zip codes are all East Coast locations or Puerto Rico, RMI finds, leading HECM trends to point to “location, location, location,” as the thing lenders must attend to most in their efforts to grow reverse mortgage volume. 

“We don’t point this out because it’s earth shattering (HECMs happen where seniors live), but rather because the presence of such volumes in single zip codes and clusters of zip codes shows how important it is to know where to spend your time and money to generate loans,” RMI writes. “If you’re marketing in Manhattan you might get a few loans, but would probably get a lot more by focusing in specific parts of Queens or Brooklyn.”


The list spans Washington D.C. and Philadelphia suburbs as well as two New York City zip codes, one in Orlando and three near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker


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  • What is even more interesting is to look at the zip codes with change. Of the three PR zip codes, only one had change and that was down by over 25%. The only ones with significant percentage growth was one of two in NY and the other was the only zip code in Utah. As to total endorsements both percentage leaders grew by 100% but the Utah zip code was number one in total endorsements and NY, number nine in that category.

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