Reverse Mortgage Lenders Tackle Market Share, Seek New Talent

In the wake of large lender exits from the reverse mortgage business, many companies are targeting new market share and they are hiring for their teams accordingly. Companies large and small are seeking new talent from banks to longtime mortgage companies and industry newcomers. Opportunities are open nationwide. 

Whether you are seeking a position in operations, originating or underwriting, of if you are interested in becoming a branch, check out the following opportunities that are now open across the U.S. Or for a complete list of jobs, visit Reverse Mortgage Jobs Online.

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  • Next fiscal year will not be a year when well over 30% of market endorsements is up for grabs.  It will be about 20% of a 80% smaller market than even last fiscal year.

    With the continuing trend of a smaller market will the grab be nothing more than the largest lenders (which survive this fiscal year) trying to maintain the endorsement numbers they have this fiscal year or will it be somewhere closer to the endorsement level for this fiscal year?  Will fiscal 2013 be the first fiscal year since 2005 to be less than 50,000 endorsements?  (Calendar year 2012 could be below 50,000 endorsements.)  Or could it go below the endorsement total for fiscal 2005?

    The Pollyannas have spoken.  Next fiscal year will be the next year where we see over 100,000 endorsements.  I just love how these guys put themselves out the furthest on the weakest limbs.  I hope they got it right this time but….

    It is not so sure if fiscal 2013 will be the year of the lenders.  It may end up being the year of the great scramble to keep endorsement totals the same.

    As of now there is insufficient data to say what next fiscal year will look like.  We will begin to get some idea by early October.  

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