Romney: If Elected, HUD’s Days Could Be Numbered

There may not be a future for the Department of Housing and Urban Development if Mitt Romney has anything to do with it.

The Republican presidential candidate in the 2012 election met with supporters in Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday at a closed-door fundraiser where he detailed some the policies he’d pursue, if elected, according to a report from MSNBC. That includes merging or scaling back some agencies, such as the Department of Eduction. HUD would be another contender for serious cuts, he said.

MSNBC reports:


“Romney went into a level of detail not usually seen by the public in the speech, which was overheard by reporters on a sidewalk below. One possibility floated by Romney included the elimination of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Cabinet-level agency once led by Romney’s father, George.

“I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them. Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go,” Romney said. “Things like Housing and Urban Development, which my dad was head of, that might not be around later. But I’m not going to actually go through these one by one. What I can tell you is, we’ve got far too many bureaucrats. I will send a lot of what happens in Washington back to the states.”

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • Yeah!!

    And a much more popular actual President (Reagan) was going to get rid of some himself with his number one target — the ever hated and NEA and AFT controlled Department of Education.  If I remember correctly, we still have a Department of Education.  Even Bill Bennett could not get rid of it.The Romney event was a fund raiser; you can always stir up conservatives with talk about getting the deficit wiped out and getting rid of government guarantees but campaign speeches and governing are two completely different things.  I am sure within days of a Romney inauguration there would be no CFPB and on and on.  I would love to hear what Obama says behind fund raiser closed doors.  I am sure the Supreme Court would have up to 18 members (the dream of FDR).

  • Republicans always talk about getting rid of something and Democrats about adding others.  Based on loan guarantees, Romney will be in the grave before the FHA guarantees completely run out.

    Oops, Romney is resetting his Etch A Sketch.

  • I applaud any President who can give states back their power and take it away from Big Brother in Washington. (An inefficient and bumbling brother at that.) I would love to see the end of DOE at the Federal level. And HUD needs to be overhauled and down-sized. But this is coming from me, an unabashed conservative who dislikes Big Gov.’t and loves our founders’ ideas of small central government. Romney’s ideas may be big and bold, and there may be a lot of naysayers, but someone’s got to get us down this path before we buckle under our own weight. I applaud him for having the chutzpah to even go there.

  • Easier said than done in actual government. Given the inherent instability of financial markets and the fickleness of private capital in crisis, we must not forget that without HUD and our so-called Big Brother, we would have no mortgage industry after the 2008 financial   collapse. A little perspective helps.

    • “Easier said than done” you say and I agree. But everything is easier said then done,  especially any course of action worth pursuing. This is not the forum for this, but I do disagree that without HUD and so–called BB, we would have had no mortgage industry after the 2008 collapse…a collapse brought about in large part by gov.’t meddling.  A major part of the problem was this crazy notion- backed and mandated by BB- that everyone had the right to own a home. But like I say..this is not the forum for going into the details that make my statement true. Suffice it to say that BB can help and hinder, but spends more time hindering.

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