U.S. News: Should Seniors Live Alone?

Should seniors live alone? It’s a question posed by U.S. News and World last week in examining the pros and cons of living with family members in retirement.

“Put Grandma in the garage? Yes. But a garage transformed into a well-appointed studio apartment with skylights and a patio for morning coffee,” the article writes.

Home remodeling for retirement is of rising interest to those wondering how they can take care of family members in their late-retirement years.


“Even if the economy improves, it’s a trend that looks to stick as families address graying baby boomers who may be facing an underfunded retirement, according to aging and financial professionals.

In the best and worst of times, the benefit of companionship and shared household duties, such as childcare, can’t be dismissed. For some families, living together is not a solution to a problem but an exercise in bonding. There are also different cultural interpretations of the social value of multigenerational households. But for many families, finances are certainly a factor in their decision to merge under one roof….”

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • There are many benefits to the various generations of a family living close together.  After all this is how primitive societies lived. A modified home giving everyone privacy is an excellent solution. There still needs to be a means of calling for help between people. Old people can fall and not be able to get up. They should all carry some means of calling for help. A simple solution is to carry a small cellphone. There are several cellphones made specifically for seniors on the market. The cheapest is the Tracfone SVC, but there are many others as well.

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