Houston Woman Bilks Reverse Mortgage Proceeds from Borrower

A Houston woman has been accused of stealing $18,000 in reverse mortgage proceeds from a borrower from a senior woman for whom she was caring, Houston’s KHOU reports. Charges were filed this week against Evalyn Pilgreen Ellisor, whom had been hired by the victim’s son to care for his elderly mother in 2009.

The victim reportedly took out a reverse mortgage on her home in December 2010, at which time she received the proceeds as a lump sum. Later, following suspicious activity in her bank account, it was uncovered that Ellisor had been writing checks from the proceeds to herself, totaling more than $18,000.

Investigators said Ellisor told the victim she was writing the checks to pay bills, but because of the victim’s poor eyesight, she was unable to tell whom the checks were being made out to.


Read the full report at KHOU.com.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • Unfortunate for sure, but I suspect the lady the victim’s son hired would have stolen money from her regardless of where that money had come from.  In fact, the perp probably didn’t know where the money had come from, just that it was there.  So, in reality, although this crime has nothing to do with reverse mortgages, Sen. Claire McCaskill will make a mountain out of this.

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