After Closing of AppraiserLoft, Reverse Review Sold

The Reverse Review, a reverse mortgage trade publication, has been acquired by Reverse Publishing, LLC, for an undisclosed sum.

Reza Jahangiri, CEO of American Advisors Group is the majority owner of Reverse Publishing, with Erik Richard, CEO of Landmark Reverse as a partner in the new venture.

The future of the publication was unknown after AppraiserLoft abruptly closed shop last week. Started by Aman Makkar, former CEO of AppraiserLoft in 2008, the magazine has a circulation of roughly 5,000 individuals, according those who did due diligence on acquiring the publication.


According to Jahangiri, the group plans to focus their efforts on the strategic planning of the publication and reshape the editorial direction over the next year. Staff at the Reverse Review will remain, the new leadership said in a statement.

“We plan to garner further involvement from industry leaders and continue to inform industry participants and observers about the benefits reverse mortgages provide to seniors,” said Jahangiri.

In addition to the magazine, which uses submissions from industry participants to fill the publication, the group plans to keep its Internet presence as well.

According to Quantcast, gets fewer than 1,000 visitors per month.

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  • Many have criticized Reverse Review as a vanity publication.  Unfortunately some of the articles have proved that true.  In one paragraph an author used the first person singular pronoun over 15 times; it REALLY was all about him.  One author told us how he drinks beer illegally on the beach in a brown paper bag and then in a subsequent article indulged in telling us about a guilty pleasure as an adolescent.
    Another author felt it necessary to chastise an unnamed but very well described salesperson at his firm for leaving the industry and why he was absolutely wrong for that decision.  He seemed to believe that a little better business plan could have made up for lost sales.  His points might have been well taken IF sales were streaming up at the time of release.
    Yet there were also articles providing insight into the thinking of industry leaders.  Some of the articles on the website by Brett Varner were very well done.  Others were little more than a repeat of RMD articles.  It would be great to read interviews with industry leaders like John Lunde, Ryan LaRose, John Meyer, Atare Agbamu, Joe Hansler, and others.
    I hope AAG does not water down the magazine to make it a “feel good” publication for marketing purposes.  While adding some content of that nature seems appropriate so does adding interviews with FHA Commissioner Galante and other FHA leaders.  Why not add interviews with other government leaders as well such as CFPB acting Director Cordray?  Bringing in some advanced training articles on specific subjects in the headlines would be very valuable. 
    Kudos to AAG for making this acquisition.

  • Ha! they got ripped off!! Even if they paid $5 dollars for it.

    No one is paying real money to advertise in that rag.  And it actually will COST them money to print and distribute.

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