Social Media Growth for 65+ Adults Trumps All Other Ages

The number of adults using social media sites increased to 65% according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

It’s the first time more than 50% of all adults said they’re sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace, and a dramatic increase from the first survey in 2005, which showed that just 8% of internet users or 5% of all adults said they used them.  While 61% of users over the age of 30 reported they use social networking site on a typical day, it remained relatively flat over the last year.

Usage by those 65 and older grew more than any other group, with 33% of the cohort saying they use the sites, up from 26% last year.


“The graying of social networking sites continues, but the oldest users are still far less likely to be making regular use of these tools,” said Mary Madden, Senior Research Specialist and co-author of the report. “While seniors are testing the waters, many Baby Boomers are beginning to make a trip to the social media pool part of their daily routine.”

In the past two years, social networking site use among internet users age 65 and older has grown 150%, from 13% in April 2009 to 33% in May 2011. Similarly, during this same time period use by 50-64 year-old internet users doubled—from 25% to 51%.


View the report.

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    • Kevin,
      Lance Jackson calls me Zorro. 
      You see I am one of those silly old timers who believes that a group of conspirators were out to kill Lincoln and his cabinet.  But don’t get me going on how Oliver North butchered the JFK assassination. 

      Oh yeah, then there is Patriot Games, and don’t forget about Die Hard 2.  What did ya think of Julia Roberts in the real Conspiracy Theory?  That movie taught me that even if Kevin (you) is paranoid that does not mean someone is not out to get him.
      So I am all ears about your new theory about seniors online.  I am sure they somehow must be taking over the Internet so that you are not getting enough time on it.  I am sure if you complain our President will hire a new Czar to deal with that and if it looks like Dr. Warren will lose to Senator Brown he will get a new law to create a new bureau to deal with that problem appointing Dr. Warren to oversee its creation.  So in one comment the whole issue has been successfully dealt with.

      I am impressed.  You were up at 6:12AM concerned about what I would think.  That is impressive (LOL).

  • I’m sitting in a Panera bread right now and I wish a couple of these seniors were online instead of fighting about which booth was bigger, which side they were sitting on or better yet- a gal threatening to throw food at her boyfriend because while she was trying to snag a booth, he went and got his food first.  Geesh.  Feisty group these seniors.

  • Being 55 I guess I qualify as senior.  I’ve been putting some time into trying to effectively use social media this week.  I have found the research mindnumbing but am beginning to coalesce some plans.  Perhaps it’s just the older synapses but it does seem to take a lot of time.

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