Wendover Boosts Training, Hires Former Wells Fargo Reverse Pro

Wendover Consulting has hired former Wells Fargo “top trainer” Ken Kanady as managing director of learning and development.

While at Wells Fargo in 2003, Kanady created the original reverse mortgage loan officer training program, Sales Training Orientation for Reverse Mortgage (STORM), under Wells Fargo’s Senior Products Group. Since the launch of STORM, Kanady has trained and certified more than 2,500 Wells Fargo loan officers in reverse mortgage fundamentals, products, marketing, compliance, quoting and application systems, sales and ethics.

“I am delighted that Ken is joining our firm and he will provide quality and proven learning programs for the mortgage banking industry,” said Jeff Taylor, Wendover Consulting president.


At Wendover, Kanady will customize and deliver personalized, skills-based training courses for veteran and new reverse mortgage loan officers. He will also work with reverse training departments in an effort toward improving sales performance over the long term, Wendover says.

Kanady is the author of Reverse Credibility (2006, 2009), an industry resource on credibility-based engagements with seniors. Additionally, he will continue as an original member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association’s Independent Certification Committee.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • Reverse Credibility is an interesting indulgence of its author.  The book spent far too much space building its foundation and too little focused on relationships between individual members of the industry who are not employed by the same firm.  As to practice, it focused on a single product (HECMs) not individual conduct. 
    At the time of reading, my experience in the industry was less than two years yet the second half of the book would have been relevant at two months, not two years into the industry.  While I learned one significant concept, it did not justify the time spent reading the last half.
    Because of his employer, it seemed the author avoided matters of great concern in the industry.  While he has dealt with the subject of professionalism at NRMLA, it was less than dynamic and again seemed as if it had more of a Wells Fargo stamp to it than a vision for the industry as a whole.
    The opening of the book spent far too much time building its foundation with little to no practical application other than the emphasis in the second part of the book whose fundamental point seemed to be the old product sales adage:  “Know thy product.”  If credibility and professionalism are to become hallmarks of our industry, an author who writes and speaks about them must be willing to criticize such poor business practices as cutthroating and false inducements which have plagued the mortgage industry and created an industry of professional “wanna be’s”.  Yes, Mr. Kanady would be attacked for expounding on such matters but avoiding such subjects makes the book more melba toast and “political” than inspirational or transformational.  It lacks significant sparks of inspiration for change and yet it should have been full of them.
    The book would have been far better had it pursued the line of:  “Know the rules and for everything else as Jiminy Cricket would say:  ‘Always let your conscience be your guide.’”  Unfortunately that is exactly where it fell down.

  • Ken trained me on true north. This guy is a true professional.

    With 13 years reverse experience, I thought I knew alot…Ken taught me alot about integrity and true north. Thanks for changing my ways ken..

    200th storm

  • Congratulations to Ken.  He was the first-line entry to Wells that most of us had there.  Even coming in as an experienced originator, there was much I learned from him.  He is engaging, honest, compassionate and definitely walks the walk, and the direction is always “truth north.  Best of luck, Ken, from a former student and admirer — Randeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • With Wells no longer training a significant portion of new originators, the knowledge and experience of Ken will be needed by many companies.  As a consulting firm, this move seems prudent and on the surface a good match.  Why is it no one has addressed this obviou value both to his new employer and the industry?
    It is interesting to see two Strom certificate holders RIGHTFULLY congratulating Ken.  Both also spoke to their experience in his Wells training.  
    The training Wells provided its HECM originators no doubt met the need.  Some at Wells have complained that the training was great as to originating HECMs at Wells but provided little more.  As to his mandate, few seem to disagree that Ken excelled.  Now that Ken is outside the Wells mantle will there be a difference in his approach and the content of his training other than for updates and a general de-emphasis on Wells and its specific policies.  This is a real opportunity for Ken to come out from behind the mantle (or curtain) and spell out for the industry his vision for upgrading and uplifting the professionalism and practices of originators in particular and the industry generally.
    What is even more interesting is that the strong criticism of the book and one public presentation by Ken made by The_Critic has not been addressed.  That is all but vindicating that criticism.  Has anyone who attended that NRMLA session or has actually read the book have a different view?
    How the book is a resource for the industry is odd since few outside of Wells and its alumni seemed to have ever heard of it. 

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