House Dems to Fight Back Against Anti-Warren Movement

Following a push from the right that threatened to block the nomination of Elizabeth Warren as Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief, House Democrats are rising to respond. Their suggestion to President Obama: Use a recess appointment and bypass the political process in getting Warren nominated.

A group of three Democratic representatives circulated a letter this week urging colleagues to sign in support of a recess appointment, according to The Hill.

“Please join us in sending a letter to President Obama requesting that he use every option available to him, including a recess appointment if necessary, to ensure that Ms. Warren is the CFPB’s first director,” The Hill quoted from a “Dear Colleague” letter. It was also reported that Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), Brad Miller (D-N.C.) and Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) were leading the effort.


The letter comes following a letter from House Republicans to President Obama which stated they would not support any CFPB chief nomination until the leadership structure of the bureau has been reconsidered.

The House Democrats, who are reportedly gathering signatures in response, are planning to send a letter to the president stressing that since republican senators have said no one is acceptable unless the law is weakened, they are urging President Obama to move forward with recess appointment of Warren, The Hill wrote.

Three bills passed through the House Financial Services Committee last week that aim to change the leadership structure of the bureau from a single director to a five-member commission, ease the ability of outside regulators to overrule the CFPB and improve the ability of the bureau to work in the absence of a director.

View the article from The Hill.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  •  Wow!!  Is the President that weak that he needs to make the recess appointment look like it came from others?  Most long-time political observers thought that this was how it would have done since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act.  The only time that changed was with the assassination of OBL.
    It could also be that the House Democrats believe they need to show this force of support for their own reelection purposes.  Otherwise, why do they have to suggest something that has been stated and restated for months?

    Now the question comes:  Why is RMD wasting so many articles on speculating about the recess appointment of Ms. Warren?  Forget it!!  She is the next Director, period.  Get ahead of the game and write an article declaring her as the new Director.  Let the other news services follow you for once.

  • Few believe that Ms. Warren will not end up as the first CFPB Director so why go through this exercise?  It seems some House Democrats believe they need to take a loyalty oath to liberal principles just because some Democrats spoke out regarding their concerns about the future direction of the CFPB.  This action stirred up such concern about more extreme liberals that somehow they need this declaration to show that House Democrats have not abandoned liberal principles.  In that regard, Ms. Warren is a lightning rod.
    Leave it to political extremists.  You gotta luv it.

  •  If anyone saw her testify before the senate about 2 months ago you should be scared out of your wits. 
    1. She stated that she knows all about small business. After all, she has spent her whole career studying it. She said that even her own brother ran one and supported his family successfully. She has not one second of actual experience.
    2. When asked to back up her statement that when a regulation’s expense/reward is too high for a business to sustain, she refused to answer. She was asked directly to put a number to it and her direct answer was that come July they will figure it out (that was an answer to many questions). She was asked if $5K, $50K, or $100K was a number. She patiently waited for the senator’s time to run out and then went on to someone else’s question.
    This is NOT a person capable of running a super agency which will take over 7 or 8 current agencies with no Congressional Budget oversight. 
    Come dems, get real. Do not resort to Pelosi tactics of avoiding open and honest debate over her nomination. She isn’t fit to run anything and if Obama needs subterfuge to get her in then she needs to be gotten rid of now.

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