Is Elizabeth Warren Fit For the CFPB Director’s Seat? [Poll]

Elizabeth Warren once again defended the fledgling Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday, warding off attempts by Congress to weaken the agency through several bills. Two of those bills will be marked up by the House Financial Services Committee Wednesday.

“Many in Congress have made clear their intention to defund, delay and defang the consumer agency before it can help one family,” Warren said in a statement. “These bills are about preventing the CFPB from operating effectively—a dangerous game to play in light of recent lessons in the marketplace and how quickly financial threats to consumers emerge.”

In recent weeks, Warren’s name has appeared in headlines as the debate over who will receive the nomination for CFPB director continues. Warren, who is special adviser to President Obama, is still in the running for the position, according to reports. Her critics hope that the threat of a difficult senate confirmation process may ward off her nomination by the president.


While there has been widespread speculation as to the likelihood of her nomination, we thought we’d see whether RMD readers think Warren is fit for the director position. Take our poll:


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  • Ms. Warren is fully capable of overseeing the slow but steady demise of this bureau by defunding, delay, and defanging. While Ms. Warren may get her confirmation in this political environment, that is the battle. It is the overall war which looks much more in danger.

    Republicans will gladly exchange her nomination for the slow but gradual death of the bureau.

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