Security One Introduces QR Codes to Ad Campaigns

Security One Lending (S1L) announced it has introduced QR Codes to its print and online advertising platforms.

QR, or “Quick Response,” Codes (see image) are images that can be scanned by smart phones, much the way bar codes can be scanned by bar code scanners. The QR code is scanned to instantly direct the user to online or contact data. The codes allow users to bridge the gap between print and online media.

S1L’s application of the codes will allow its loan officers to direct prospective clients from a print ad to S1L’s website for more information.


“The goal has always been to promote ways in which the individual loan producer can compete with the online providers of reverse mortgages. Any originator, whether it’s a company or an individual, must be prepared and positioned to compete online,” said Torrey Larsen, President of S1L. “We are building systems that will allow the individual originator to win market share and work more efficiently than their competitors. We are betting on the originator.”










“Originators that have either not adapted to technology or have worked for a company that does not promote and equip them for these inevitable market changes, may be extinct in the next 12 months,” explained Ron Fechter, National Performance Executive for S1L. “This component of our market plan is only a part of several enhanced strategies that will position Loan Officers to compete for business in the future.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker


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  • Ok so the senior who receives a direct mail solicitation pulls out their iPhone and scans the barcode and is directed to their website. Can’t you just say visit my website for more information? I love technology but feel like I’m missing something?

  • Instead of putting in a long URL string to get to a certain page within a domain (i.e, a consumer can just use the QR and go straight to the site from their smartphone. It’s just another arsenal or tool to allow the consumer to get valuable information “like yesterday”. Seniors are increasingly becoming tech saavy and joining us of the Microwave, “we-want-it-now” generation. This perhaps will initially serve just a small market of potential candidates, but like the Saver, more tools (up to a certain point) only means more opportunity.

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