Pat Boone Signed as New S1L Spokesman

Security One Lending (S1L) has signed Pat Boone as its national spokesman.

Boone, the 10th best selling recording artist of all time, is an actor and entertainer, and San Diego-based S1L says it selected Boone over other candidates for his “reach” to the senior demographic, which has remained “incredibly strong.”

“Reverse Mortgage products are an important planning tool for seniors to consider as a part of their overall financial plan. My objective is to assist Security One Lending in an effort to reach and educate seniors about the benefits of reverse mortgages so that they are able to make better informed financial decisions. In my research on Security One Lending, it became apparent that their core values are actually an integral part of their culture and resulting success,” said Boone.


Boone joins other reverse mortgage celebrity spokesmen Robert Wagner and Fred Thompson, who have also come to represent the product.

“We believe the addition of Pat Boone to the Security One Team is a tremendous opportunity for the company to reach the senior demographic. Mr. Boone is readily recognized by seniors and has a great reputation,” said Tony Gaglione, EVP of S1L. “The character and reputation of Mr. Boone made it a very simple decision, as these traits fall right in line with the company’s ‘core values’ of honesty and integrity. Ultimately, Mr. Boone will assist Security One Lending in becoming a trusted brand.”

S1L is a Top-10 reverse mortgage lender licensed in 30 states, and is planning to obtain licensing in 10 more states this year.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • For several years we have talked about potential spokespeople from Ms. Della Reese to Mr. Art Linkletter. At the time Mr. Boone was engaged by another reverse mortgage company. While serving on a NRMLA Committee I heard wonderful tales of his positive impact on that company and how his commercial and reputation made warm leads.

    Congratulations to Torrey and the senior S1L management team. Mr. Boone is a welcome addition to our company.

    • Tony Gaglione, S1L’s SVP of Marketing and Co-founder of Omni Reverse (which Security One acquired in 2009) was a HUGE part in making this happen. It’s been in the works for a while, so it is nice to see that the proverbial cat is finally out of the bag.

  • Kudos to all those on the Security One Lending team who made this happen! I have heard great things from people who worked at the call centers that formerly used Mr. Boone’s services. I think this is a big plus for Security One Lending.

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