New Feature Allows Lenders to Track Calls Generated From Google Ads

Reverse mortgage lenders using Google Adwords to reach borrowers have a new way to track phone calls generated from the ads.  Released earlier this month, the new feature allows advertisers to track responses using Google Voice.

According to Google, when a user calls the number listed in the ad, the call is automatically routed to your business, and AdWords notes that this call took place.  When users login to look at their reports, it will show the number of calls generated by each campaign, call duration, and in the near future, caller area code.

“You’ll still only pay for clicks on your ads, but we intend to charge for call metrics in the future,” said the company. “Once you know where your calls are coming from, you can refine your marketing strategy to make sure you’re getting the most out of your ads. For example, you could test different ad text variations to see which results in the most calls or reallocate budget to campaigns that truly bring you the highest ROI.”


At the end of the day, many borrowers looking for reverse mortgages start on the web but it always ends up with a phone call.  The new service allows lenders to track the data one step further than before.

To learn more about the new features, see here.


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  • I hope this means that they’re going to open up Google Voice to businesses. Right now there aren’t any admin tools and it specifically restricts usage to non-commercial applications.

    It’s a great advancement for marketing metrics to avoid using a multitude of inbound numbers to track various campaigns. With a good administrative suite similar to what’s available on other commercial call center and VOIP services, this would be a very interesting service.

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