Reverse Mortgage Direct Releases eGuide for HECM Program

NewImage.jpgReverse Mortgage Direct released an online assessment tool to help seniors determine whether a reverse mortgage can help their financial challenges.

The Reverse Mortgage eGuide is free and lets seniors know if they qualify and whether it might be right for their situation.

“We hope our eGuide will open new doors for millions,” says Josh Stephens, Reverse Mortgage Direct’s President. “In this economy, seniors have taken a big hit along with working-age citizens.”


The company hopes the Federal Housing Administration’s reverse mortgage can be part of the answer to help senior citizens.  “Reverse mortgages are not an entitlement, like Medicare,” says Stephens, “but they can help cash-strapped seniors. Yet they’re way underused. We hope our eGuide helps change that, by educating seniors.”

Reverse Mortgage Direct is an affiliate of of LTC Financial Partners and was formed in January of 2010.

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  • Under the tab labelled “Facts,” the following appears:

    “No income or credit requirements.
    No monthly payments while you live in your home.”

    I guess some lenders have to follow the rules while others do not. I have never known the HECM to have NO credit requirements. I also know many seniors who have monthly required payments of — homeowner association dues.

    Then here is another gem in their “Do You Qualify” tab: “There are however limits on the amount of proceeds provided by a reverse mortgage depending on your age.” What about interest rates and very importantly, the appraised value of the home?

    Where is their compliance department? I'm tired of doing their due diligence. This website needs to be cleaned up NOW. It is very sloppy. On a grade scale of A-F, it might be a D- if one is really generous.

  • Reverse Mortgage Direct is using this sstory to capture lead information. I registered and was “forced” to include my address, phone and email and then was advised that I'd be contacted by email and phone.. Too much for “free info”.

    This is inappropriate use of news reporting by RMD (Hmmm RMD = Reverse Mortgage Daily…and Reverse Mortgage Direct)

    If this is an advertorial then there needs to be a disclosure. If not, it's free publicity for RMD and any competent MLO can provide this info.

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