Updating RMD’s Commenting Policy

When I started RMD almost 3 years ago, it was a place to share links and to provide a professional forum for information on the reverse mortgage industry. As it has grown, everyone from the originator on the street, politicians staff, personnel in the government, and executives at the largest lenders rely on it for their daily reverse mortgage news.

Lately, the comments posted on the site have become more controversial and caustic than constructive. The comments on the site are viewed by everyone, including policy makers and news reporters who are looking for ammunition to attack the industry and sell sensational stories that tarnish the reputation of reverse mortgages.

We are extremely sensitive to the image of the industry and RMD wants to support the goal of improving the public image. While there will always we bad characters, we cannot control their actions and need to continue to strive to remind people of the greater good of the product we sell and endorse.


Effective immediately, all comments will be reviewed and approved prior to publication. Previously, we have maintained a liberal policy on comments and people have used that policy to attack individuals, companies, and ruin the conversation on RMD. Understand that it’s our intention to continue providing a forum for constructive comments and not to censor but filter inappropriate garbage that does more harm than good.

We are excited about the reverse mortgage industry and the “noise” surrounding the commentary posted by individuals has distracted our staff from creating and improving other aspects of RMD’s operations.

We welcome your comments and discussion and thank you for your continued support and participation.


John R. Yedinak
Founder and Editor

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  • John,

    Over the last two years, you and I have discussed this issue on numerous occasions for many hours both by phone and in DC, as you have also done with many others. Changes of this nature are never easy.

    I appreciate the fact that you want a free flow and exchange of ideas that help uplift the industry and challenge the thinking of those who read RMD. Like you, I believe in as little control as possible; however, that position does not condone abuse, personal attacks, or vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity.

    Not every opinion need be right or precisely correct. To understand the thinking of the entire population of originators and everyone else who plays a part in this industry, we need this forum. I for one appreciate it, even when I do not agree and am even greatly irritated by what is being said. I admire your moderation and believe your modification will genuinely enhance this forum. Your history of change has only been for the good of RMD.

  • I think this is a fantastic move, John. RMD has become a tremendous resource for information and dialogue about and within the RM industry. Unfortunately, some comments made by individuals have been interpreted by others as the opinions of the industry as a whole. Ensuring comments are constructive in nature will only serve to further our cause.

  • Think it's a smart move. With it, however, comes the inherent responsibility of keeping reviews of all comments in the middle of the road to give lefties and righties access while ensuring the quality of what they say. Luck to you!

  • John:
    You are doing a fantastic and superb job and I am
    pleased to learn that you'll be be filtering and getting rid of the bad weeds. Keep up the good work and you deserve the best compliments one can bestow
    upon you.

  • John,

    You are correct, we ALL read your blog.

    One of the hardest challenges in writing is to remain where personalities are involved. When you consider what this Industry has and continues to experience in the way of regulatory shift, economic pressure, poorly informed law making, and consumer fear in general, it is easier to understand why people stray from the topic and shoot the messenger instead. Frustration off the meter.
    I think you are making a good move and it has nothing to do with censorship. I am sure from your record that we will have the opportunity to read responsible posts, responsible meaning on topic and off personality. Thanks for your hard work.

    Hey on another note – I never told you I grew up in Oak Park, and used to buy Hot Dogs at a place called Parky's on Cermak Road. Likely long gone. But of course, you were just a baby then, right??

    A good Parky's Hot Dog would be super “comfort food” these days huh…………..

  • Strange, some of the usual suspects have not commented on this post. Did they get censored or did you hurt their feelers. :)rnrnThere is always at least one in the bunch that ruin it for everyone else. I agree with Jim… Sad for the need but not surprising.rnrnTravis De Renzornwww.HECM.net

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