Lead Provider Signs Partnership with Silver Planet

Silver Planet announced a new partnership with NewRetirement, a website dedicated to helping people concerned about retirement find the information they need to create a secure future.

Founded in 2008, Silverplanet is a web site developed to empower baby boomers and seniors to age with a “choice” said a company statement.

NewRetirement also serves as a lead provider for the reverse mortgage business and other industries.


"The NewRetirement.com team consists of devoted adult children of retirees," says Stephen Chen, founder of the site and head of Operations and Management. "We hope to assist hard-working Americans who, like our parents, are already retired or involved in retirement planning. "

New Retirement information can be found on Silver Planet’s Money channel.

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  • We used New Retirement as a lead source for several months. In my opinion it was a waste of money with lots of false leads that their system charges for, overly strict policy on return of invalid/bad leads. I think out of 3 of us we got maybe 2 funded loans total. I was told, in the opinion of leads who didn't hang up on me, they felt the website a bit deceptive in that they just thought they were getting general information on retirement and reverse mortgages and did not realize 10 loan originators would call on them all at once. Supposedly we were paying for leads where only 3 origintors would call but I was told numerous originators called the prospect. I'd be curious to hear if others had a better success on funded loans with this company.

    • What was your ratio of income to cost?

      Sometimes fishy descriptions of a company by company officials pans out to be a strong indicator of “puff” when it comes to other claims.

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