Network Funding Expands Reverse Mortgage Business With New Hire

image Network Funding has appointed David Cook as its new manager responsible for promotion of reverse mortgage products throughout their 257 branches in 16 states said a company statement.

“We are very fortunate to have a mortgage banking veteran like David join our team,” said Tommy Orr, Chief Operating Officer for Network Funding.  "He brings with him over 40 years of mortgage banking experience with the past 6 years focused on assisting senior home owners with this FHA product.”

The Houston based reverse mortgage lender has been originating HECMs for about 5 years, but Cook will provide the focus and passion required to provide much needed assistance to senior home owners in the states where we are doing business said Orr.


Prior to joining Network Funding, Cook held wholesale and retail management positions with Financial Freedom, Senior Lending Network and SWBC Mortgage.

According to data from HUD, Network Funding endorsed 178 HECMs in 2009.

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  • That is less than one HECM per branch per year. That is also less than one HECM per month per qualified state. I wish Mr. Cook the best of luck; they need some help.

  • Man are you a bozo, Critic.

    Just because the company has 257 branches doesn't mean all the branches are orginating reverse mortgages.

    Since you sit and nitpick every little point on anyone else's post, let me be poignant in calling you out because maybe you were off on one tiny little point.

    Pretty annoying isn't it, asshole?

  • Perhaps in the middle of this “Little Boy's Pissing Contest”, this might be a great place to place a “free” employment Ad (Admin Permitting of course).
    I am now now seeking to affiliate with a National Bank which originates the FHA HECM. Nothing like not haveing to worry about being State Licensed and being able to work in all 50 States. I am extremely honest, very, very, very forthright and because I am a Senior myself, truly understand the many challenges Seniors have during the last years of life. I have a number of Senior Client Testimonials which tell anyone only one thing: I place Seniors first and the Lender second. If you can't handle that MO, please don't contact me at Thanks for reading, James A. Nelson

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