Website Provides Reverse Mortgage Training Using Interactive Video

image Kevin Reichard released a new online training website for reverse mortgage originators and lenders.  Kevin Reichard Live provides users with a searchable and customizable library of training videos created by Reichard. 

“Reverse mortgage training is something that every company needs in order to grease the engine that runs their business,” said Kevin Reichard.  “This poses a unique opportunity for companies who need sales and marketing training for their staff, yet want a customizable solution that costs significantly less than other training options.”

The website also offers the ability to train and maintain sales teams and individuals using live interactive video. The sessions can be seen by an audience of any size for seminars, training sessions, boot camps, and more said a company statement.


Users who sign up for a free membership get access to over ten free videos about reverse mortgage sales training and marketing as well as downloadable versions of the “5 Golden Rules to Social Media Marketing” and “5 Golden Rules for Email Marketing”.

Membership has a couple different levels which start at $139/month, you can see what they include here

Kevin Reichard Live 

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  • This way of reverse mortgage originator training has been needed for a long time. Kudos to Kevin for putting it together. The challenge for RMD readers is to determine if Kevin is the right trainer for them.

    In the early days of the industry many were trained by reading a very detailed but many times outdated training manual. By the time it was my turn to read it, someone had lost it. My initial training was more originator recruiting than training. If Kevin’s training is even half as good as he claims, it should at least be considered.

    In one of Kevin’s videos he challenges viewers to go to Google and Bing and search for reverse mortgage expert. While there was one result on Bing near the bottom of the first page, there were none for Google. That was very disappointing especially in light of his claims. At Bing, Nelson Locke, a competing but old school trainer, was the first listing and even NRMLA came up before Kevin.

    Months ago, Kevin challenged RMD readers to view his website, a so called school. At that time the school appeared to be a third party unrelated to Kevin, endorsing only Kevin and his company as reverse mortgage originators. When the integrity of that endorsement was questioned, Kevin responded heatedly. Today the website is much different and the supposed endorsement was eliminated.

    Kevin brings few academic or business related credentials to his training program. He proudly declares his certification as a Certificated Reverse Mortgage Advisor (whatever that is — but it now costs $699). Kevin also claims to have experience training other originators.

    All in all Kevin appears to be a nice guy with a lot of pizzazz. Like any alleged guru his training could be worthwhile but do your homework to see what you think of his program first. There is no indication the training meets any continuing education requirements for licensing purposes.

  • Both Google and Bing are getting more advanced everyday. Different results on different computers is now a reality. For example, if you search “Reverse Mortgage Expert” on Google on your office computer and then search the exact same phrase on your relatives computer, you will get a different list. They will be similar, but should be different.

    Google is very busy, and I have even heard of a new Google program that allows ANYONE to leave a note about your website to the next viewer.

    You “carry” a notepad in your browser. The notepad shows comments from previous users, COMPLETELY UNINFLUENCED BY THE SITE OWNER. That's right, there is nothing you can do to change a bad comment.

    This is good and bad. You are bound to get some punks writing negative stuff just for the heck of it, but overall it will help improve accountability on the internet.

    For Kevin, he could see good or bad comments about his site and it would influence his future visitors. Anyways, I feel I am getting off topic so I will end with, way to go Kevin. There is never too much innovation.

    P.S. Critic Wrote “At Bing, Nelson Locke, a competing but old school trainer, was the first listing and even NRMLA came up before Kevin.”

    Not bad for an “Old School” Trainer:)

    Oh, and there is NO SHAME is being behind NRMLA. They have a MASSIVE site and are considered a resource website for Google. They will kick most people's booty up and down the court! If you can beat HUD and NRMLA in Google ratings, please tell me how:)

  • Thanks for the comments, just a quick word about search engine results: they change all of the time! Critic, you failed to mention that the “reverse mortgage expert” result was supported by an actual screenshot from google, from about a month ago during production. The fact that it is different today is inherent to the world of search engine results.

    I'm not sure who you are comparing me to in the reverse mortgage world, but I'm fairly certain that no other Loan originator or company has the exposure online as I do among numerous generic and local search engine terms.

    The purpose of the site is much more than one search engine result claim that you may feel has fallen short, internet marketing is one part of the big picture. The training that I provide focuses on the sales, marketing, and systems aspects of our business.

    After watching the free videos, anyone interested in seeing the sales and marketing videos that are unlike anything you have seen before, let me know and we can arrange to meet in San Diego, or speak otherwise. The training videos include over the shoulder, in a senior couple's home, with voice over instruction, or the 1 hour, 15 minute video of my seminar, complete with the powerpoint, cutaway , and voiceover. In addition, the live events are truly what is cutting edge…this is NOT! These are a few of the things you'll need to see in order to assist you in making a decision if this is right for you and your company.

    I look forward to meeting and speaking to many of you next week, and thanks again for the comments!

    I appreciate the kudos and agree that this is not for everyone, I'm looking to help those who want to help themselves!

  • Tried one of the videos and got half of the sound. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. It's a brave new world, Keith, and if the program really works, I look forward to hearing more from your trainees.

  • Tried one of the videos and got half of the sound. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. It’s a brave new world, Keith, and if the program really works, I look forward to hearing more from your trainees.

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