Market Focus Releases Reverse Mortgage Marketing System

image Market Focus released its new Reverse Monthly Marketing System (R3M), which runs on its Mortgage Quest(TM) marketing and customer relation ship management (CRM) platform. 

The system was created with marketing service provider Jan Schrader & Associates targets opportunities created from the higher loan limits in response to users requests says a company statement.  "This is one of the most unpredictable mortgage markets ever. Rapid change requires real-time solutions for cutting edge marketing," said Chris Carter, president and founder of Market Focus, and creator of Mortgage Quest.

R3M features real-time letters and e-mails targeting new prospects and referral sources, a total of 15 separate groups.  Because messages are created on a real-time basis and delivered as a subscription, they address changes in the marketplace as they occur to provide the most compelling marketing, according to Market Focus


"Three of my last five loans are directly attributable to the Mortgage Quest reverse-mortgage marketing letters," said Jack Belles, co-founder of Reverse Mortgage of New England, Plainville, Massachusetts, and a Mortgage Quest user.

Delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis, the messages target HECM refinances, HECM for purchase clients, as well as third party professional referral sources, including attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs) and financial planners; Realtors(R); builders; prospects’ family members; and general referral sources.

"No viable prospect or referral source has been overlooked in the design of the R3M system," said Jan Schrader, founder of Jan Schrader & Associates and creator of the system’s letters and e- mails.

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  • I read the sample letter on the website. I was not happy with it. It was too much “you scratch my back I'll scratch yours.” Promising to exchange clients with an unknown adviser is about as responsible and rational as shooting one's self in the foot.

    While it is easy to come with catchy marketing, it is professional marketing that is lacking. This was not it for me.

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