RM Engage Rolls Out Web Based Reverse Mortgage Origination System

image RM Engage announced that it’s ready to roll out what it calls the “First Ever Complete” online reverse mortgage loan origination system to handle all loans in one web based system from start to finish.

According to the company website, RM Engage was developed to be fully-scalable and affordable for every size organization.  Easy to set up and learn, the system can be easily adapted to meet your company’s individual needs, including company-specific origination documents, user authority levels, and administrative tools that allow easy access to your company pipeline for audit and compliance reviews.

“Our software offers our users an excellent way to originate, process, and close loans on one web based platform,” said Thomas Bales, Marketing Director for RM Engage.  The software includes features like a pre-conditioning at application and “follow the red” to make originating and processing simple and keeps issues from being overlooked.


Pricing for RM Engage is $49.95/month (includes 2 users) and is in the process of setting up venders to help sponsor the software for originators which it hopes will reduce the costs for users.  You can see a demo of the software at their website.

RM Engage

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