Reverse Mortgage Rates – August 4, 2009

The average HECM borrower will see their initial benefits decrease by $2,750 today.

Rates as of 8/4/09 are:



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  • Hello Reverse Mortgage World- If you are a net branch Reverse Mortgage company and you are paying more than $395 to get your loan done then this message maybe some what of a delight.

    We are paying 100% commission splits and we are only taking $395 off of the check for processing when the loan gets funded. We also offer sales training twice a week for agents that are new and seasoned. We do training on how to get around the Financial Advisors and Children etc and all differnent avenues of why your client may not want the loan. We will train you how to be Reverse Mortgage pros. We also have that leads for sale at a very low price.

    We lend in CA and FL for the time being and we are pending in 17 other states right now.

    Please feel free to email me w/ questions as our roster is being filled!

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