NGFS Adds Regional Managers, Continues Reverse Mortgage Expansion

image Next Generation Financial Services, a Division of 1st Mariner Bank announced that JoAnna Bignell and Peter Klamkin have been added as regional managers.  The new hires will help NGFS expand its originator base which it hopes to bring to 100 by the end of 2009.

“We have expanded our recruiting to include experienced Reverse Mortgage Loan Officers as part of the development of a national support effort for programs implemented by NGFS,” said Brett Carter, Founding Partner, and President Elect of the Maryland Mortgage Banker’s Association.  “We are on track to bring on 100 full time loan officers by the end of 2009. The experience and talent Bob brings to NGFS will allow us to effectively manage this growth”   

Based in Michigan, Bignell brings 20 years of business management experience and 7 years of direct reverse mortgage sales.  She decided to get into the reverse mortgage business because her parents were in need of one several years ago. 


Klamkin has been working in the senior marketplace for over 20 years and most recently was the Vice-President, Area Director in Retail Sales, for Financial Freedom.  Prior to working with Financial Freedom, he spent 17 years in the insurance industry

According to data from HUD, NGFS has endorsed 422 HECMs YTD.

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  • NGFS is very lucky to have Peter Klamkin on their team. Peter is a great Manager and an awesome friend (and he is even sometimes funny! – LOL).

    Now let's sit back and watch good things come from NGFS in 2009 and beyond.

    Tim Linger, CSA

  • Ah. i know Tim and Peter worked together …does New Generation know that Peter has NEVER done a Reverse Mortgage in hiw life!?And really not sure he knows exactly what one is….frankly Good luck !! by the wway…there pricing sucks also!!!!!! good day!

  • It looks as though some firms are looking for more originators in order to chase after the dwindling number of deals that remain out there.

    I'm not aware of any reverse mortgage company that is operating profitably. There will be more failures this year.

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