Value Financial Offering Signing Bonuses To Reverse Mortgage Originators


Value Financial announced it’s looking to add an additional 50 reverse mortgage specialists immediately and is offering top commissions, singing bonuses under certain criteria, and other benefits to attract experienced originators. 

The Florida based company is leading reverse mortgage lender and has recently expanded into Texas, Georgia, Colorado, and Oklahoma. In addition, it is increasing reverse mortgage marketing in Central and Northern Florida.


To support its professionals, Value has developed a web portal to keep them connected to calculators, marketing centers, training materials, and industry publications.  Originators also have access to its lead generation system which is a multimedia solution to generating qualified leads.  “It has been developed over the past year to the point where closing ratios on confirmed leads frequently exceeds 20%,” said Nelson Locke, CEO of Value Financial.

According to the press release, Value Financial originated over $100 million in 2008.  The company has endorsed 218 HECMs YTD according to HUD’s endorsement reports.  The company also offers the HECM MAXX (C) which it claims will always offer a senior more money than the traditional CMT or LIBOR based HECMs.

Value Financial Paying Bonuses for Experienced Reverse Mortgage Specialists

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  • Mr. Locke,

    Can you please let us all know what the HECM MAXX is and what the additional proceeds we can expect to see actually are?

  • I’d be surprised if you get an answer, they are a bit full of themselves over there. Go ahead, give em a call. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing fraudulent, but they do make some pretty fantastic claims.

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