Originators In Demand, Reverse Mortgage Companies Looking To Expand

Reverse mortgage originators with experience continue to be high in demand.  Here are a few of the new job listings that have been added to our job board:

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Reverse Mortgage Jobs Online

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  • I am amazed at the number of companies looking for talented originators who are offering a meager split on the front end profits and absolutely nothing on the back end. You would think the companies who make the majority of their profits in the secondary market would be more aggressive with straight-commission compensation, attracting the best producers so they can close more loans and make their secondary market sales. I have yet to come across another company even remotely close to my own in regards to compensation. 50% of the origination fee and no back end money? Is that really going to attract the best people?

  • You know what’s more amazing is that most of the companies that are advertising positions on this job board don’t even have the common courtesy of acknowledging that they have received your resume (Email or Fax). When you call to confirm, they don’t answer and NEVER return your call.

    My resume is stellar in terms of accomplishments as well as geared towards management and/or sales. I have done both successfully. I know the product inside and out, and have a proven record of showing people how to write this product successfully. My team originated over 2000 applications in 2008 and closed over 70% of them, yet no response.

    Pretty distasteful if you ask me.

  • Bill Lucius,

    What company do you work for and what is your pay structure to attract the best originators?
    I have been originating for 7 years and have always been in the top 1%. Interested in what may be available.

    Thank you.

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