Top HECM Lenders Through March 2009

Below is a list of the top HECM lenders through March 2009.  Be sure to check out the link below which goes into more detail.


  • Endorsement volume set a new record in March at 11,261 – up 24% from February and easily besting the old record of 10,913 set in February 2008.
  • Top 10 lenders continued to take share from the rest of the marketplace in March, generating 43% of volume year to date, up almost 5 points from last year’s 38.1% reading.
  • One Reverse Mortgage continues to move up the list of top HECM lenders, nice work.

March 2009 MIC Summary Report

Market statistics and report sample provided by Reverse Market Insight, the leading source of market intelligence in the reverse mortgage industry. For more information about RMI and to purchase the full MIC report with additional key performance indicators and market statistics, please visit our website at

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  • I don’t see countrywide any longer.

    Has BofA and countrywide finally mixed into one OR has countrywide dropped that far out of the top 10?

  • Starting to look like if you don’t have a stagecoach, a flag, or a blimp, you may be S.O.L. “They may not be the best, but I’ve heard of them”…

  • Be aware everyone this blog is now practicing CENSORSHIP–under the pressure of NRMLA and PETER PAN TINKER BELL, I assume. What a Crime. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, John What I said was damn important– but only those people making money off the backs of loan orininators would not think so. Why don’t you censorship bastards move to Russia.

  • Just so everyone knows, I did delete Mr. Nelsons comment because it had nothing to do with the topic at hand… top HECM Lenders.

    Assume all you want James, but it has nothing to do with NRMLA and Peter Bell. It has everything to do with the dozens of emails I get daily from RMD readers complaining about the rants from certain individuals that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

  • John, the only ONLY ONLY ONLY reason your blog is worth reading is what readers say. Who really cares whether Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Financial
    Freedom have x number of sales. I wrote the blog
    BECAUSE your subject matter was so boring. Who really cares about the numbers, other than a bunch of overpaid

  • Mr. Nelson,
    I find the articles and content of RMD valuable to my business including the pieces on top 10 ten lenders. I find it is a way to keep up on what’s happening in the industry without my taking all the time it takes to research and find the information myself. Note, I am not an overpaid executive but someone who is passionate about my business and helping seniors and like to be kept up on the industry news.

    I feel the readers should be able to respond and discuss articles on this post (this is part of the value of this Blog). However, comments should be kept to the topic at hand and should be kept professional and respectful.

    Mr. Nelson, if you or anyone doesn’t find an article of interest, don’t read them, move on to another one or wait until one comes of interest. Additionally, if you are so interested in expressing your opinion without censorship, than why don’t you start your own Blog? Then you would have free reign of posting what you consider interesting articles and voicing your opinion.

    Thanks, RMD!

  • B.S. How does knowing the top Companies in the RM Field help you work with Seniors? That’s the only issue: I thought this wasn’t the NRMLA Official Web Site–maybe it really is. Respect from me has to be earned, Fellow–maybe you’re enamored with Titles, I am not. I only care about what you’ve done, at any level, to help a Senior get an FHA HECM lately.

  • I enjoy reading RMD for ALL it’s content. Maybe Nelson is having a bad day. He probably should start his own reverse mtge “bitching blog”.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I wish…actually I have a great respect for all in the Reverse Mortgage Industry, Mr. Peter Bell, John The Admin, especially Mr. James Veale, The Cynic, The Critic, Kidreverse and especially all of the talented, hard working Loan Originators who actually interface with financially desperate Seniors, in many cases….The Blog was about wasting, in my opinion, a quarter of a Million Dollars on a Certification program of questionable value and disasterous FHA HECM Home Appraisals during this time of “Toxic Assets.” No
    one has all the answers all the time; some have them
    some of the time;and, thankfully, most have them most of the time Honest, open debate is the genuine strength of our way of life.

  • I think this blog should operate censorship free, I agree with James Nelson. This blog should be mandatory reading at HUD.

    There seems to be quite a bit of unrest in the field about the support level provided by NRMLA. It would be interesting to see a membership poll regarding the existing board and leadership? Maybe everyone is happy with things as they are. Would NRMLA have the courage to poll its members? Maybe John should undrtake this project. “Arms length”.

    Regarding this top ten list: There is an obvious issue with the numbers this month. My guess is that Wells got caught up on insuring. I have been tracking this for years, and from time to time lenders get backed up dramatically in the insuring function. Insured loans are what hit the press. I believe it is possible we barely broke even as an Industry last month. There is simply no way Wells got that good that fast. 2008 – 575 units. 2009 – 2189 units. No way. Probably, more like 1200 units. Just an (educated) guess. Go track their last 6 months. Most have been decliners.

    This also shows retail only, does not aggregate the wholesale units done by a lender. Those are attributed to the mini-eagle that originated them. Neighborhood Watch is a better tool.

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