Sponsored Webinar: Increasing Cash Flow To Market Your Reverse Mortgage Business

image With higher loan limits and new opportunities like the HECM for purchase, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be marketing your business.  As we all know, reverse mortgages can take some time to close and this can hurt your ability to market these new enhancements to your customers.  Not anymore…

eCommission® can show you how to instantly access the credit locked-up in your company’s pending loan pipeline through an innovative, new service called Reverse Mortgage Commission Advance.

On Tuesday, April 14th at 2:00 pm eastern time, the eCommission webinar will show you how to:

  1. Discover the unique benefits of advancing your company’s pending commission pipeline compared to using traditional forms of credit.
  2. Jump inside the commission advance process and learn how easy it is to access the cash flow you need.
  3. Hear how other reverse mortgage lenders are using utilizing advance proceeds to maximize marketing efforts.

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Speaker Bio: Sean Whaling is President and Co-Founder of eCommission Financial Services, Inc., the nation’s leading supplier of commission financing solutions to the real estate and mortgage industries. Sean has been passionately involved in the business dating back to its origins in Canada in 1993. He is a commission financing expert and has been a featured convention speaker on the subject of commission based compensation and cash flow. He can be reached at 877-882-4368, ext. 866 or email[email protected] or online at http://www.ecommission.com

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  • Dear The Cynic…thank you for your comments. The cost varies depending on the amount requested and the length of time to close, but averages 5.5%. You hit the nail on the head with relieving stress caused by warehousing line delays. We hear that a lot, plus just general needs for accessing cash to cover marketing and operating expenses. The concept of commission advance is not new, as you point out. We have provided the service in the real estate industry for many years, but only now is it available to the Reverse Industry. The webinar is 30 minutes and I think those who attend will come away with a clear understanding of how to utilize the service as an alternative to banks for generating working capital. Hope to see you online on the 14th!


    Sean Whaling
    eCommission Financial Services, Inc.

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