Over 60 Percent of Baby Boomers Are Consuming Social Media Content

imageWhen I posted about seniors being one of the fastest growing group of Facebook users, RMD readers seemed interested so I wanted to follow up with ReadWriteWeb’s How To Reach Baby Boomers With Social Media

RWW points to a report from Forrester Research which shows more than 60 percent of boomers actively consume socially created content like blogs, videos, podcasts, and forums.  What’s even more intriguing is the percentage of those participating is on the rise.

In 2007, the percentage of Boomers consuming social media was 46% for younger Boomers (ages 43 to 52) and 39% for older Boomers (ages 53 to 63). By 2008, those number increased to 67% and 62%, respectively.


The number of Boomers responding to content posted online, as opposed to just passively consuming it, is also going up. For example, the proportion of older Boomers responding to content doubled from 15% in 2007 to 34% in 2008. According to Forrester, this is a percentage that’s high enough to target with a social application.  Forrester suggests companies who want to get Boomers interested in its content should create blogs or videos that relate to the life or work style of Boomers.

One Reverse Mortgage is already doing this by using tools like Twitter and its blog Retiring Wise.  They use it for things like promoting its reverse mortgage podcast featuring its Director of Mortgage Banking.  The “Ask Chris” section allows consumers to email or call in questions and Chris will respond on the podcast.

Companies who aren’t ready to start a blog can also look at reaching boomers through social networks targeted at this group like Classmates Online, Eons, BOOMj.com, TeeBeeDee, and even the AARP’s online community. There is some participation in these social spaces now, but even more growth is expected over the next 12-month period. 

How To Reach Baby Boomers With Social Media (ReadWriteWeb)

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  • Somewhat unfortunate is that some of the larger reverse mortgage companies prohibit their advisors from posting relevant information online without checking first with HQ, hence the reason some on this site may elect to use an alias instead of their real name. Using Twitter et al is a great idea and great tool for “getting your name out there” but is frowned upon by larger corporate entities. Maybe those at smaller companies can take advantage of that but unless the larger corporate entity joins the parade, it won’t be helping its own advisors much. Heck if we do, heck if we don’t.

    Great article John.

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