Live Well Financial Adds New AE To Support Wholesale Growth

image Live Well Financial announced that it has added Peggy Taylor as a new account executive to support its rapidly expanding reverse mortgage wholesale business. Taylor joins Live Well Financial with 22 years of financial services experience and 15 years in the reverse mortgage industry.

"We are very excited to have Peggy on board," says Michael Hild, chairman and chief executive officer of Live Well Financial. "We are experiencing tremendous growth in our wholesale business, and Peggy will be a huge part of the success of our continued expansion."

Before joining Live Well Financial, Taylor helped with building Financial Freedom’s wholesale business and mostly recently she was with First Mariner Bank. "I am very excited to be joining Live Well Financial. The management team has built a superior Web-based, user-friendly reverse mortgage technology system. The system provides real-time pricing decisions, allows brokers to find the product that best meets the needs of their borrowers, and automates most of the processing work.”


"Despite the troublesome economy, we are very excited about 2009," says Hild. "The addition of Peggy to an already strong management team and the opportunities we see in the wholesale space are cause for enthusiasm.”  To learn more about LWF’s wholesale business, checkout the link below.

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  • Congratulations to Live Well. I have worked with Peggy at NRMLA and she not only knows this industry but actively works at making it better. She will be a very valuable asset.

  • Congratulations to Live Well Financial for securing Peggy Taylor to their team. I have known and worked with Peggy for years and she is an asset to any team. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and passion for the product.

  • Sounds like the Jury has spoken. I’ll bet Ms. Joan
    Dawson that if she is as outstanding as it appears Ms.
    Livewell is, her passion is for Seniors, not just
    a “product.” As an aside, I may know a few “naughy” words but I assure you I would never had posted such
    damning criticism. Pretty strong, it was. Good luck to you Ms. Livewell. I’m sure a woman of your talent will laugh this off.

  • Darn, Sorry, Ms. Peggy Taylor, . I wasn’t trying to be a smarty using the Corporate name. This is just another example of my aged brain. I make this point all the time with young, FHA HECM Orignators.
    We Seniors don’t all have Alzheimers; it’s just that our brains aren’t as sharp aways as they once were. I read Ms Taylor’s name several times; why I
    used Livewell I cannot for the life of me say. In any case once again, Best Wishes to Ms Peggy Taylor; I trust she will soar to new heights of success in her new position.

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