Master the Art of Inquiry With Monte Rose, Free Training

image Reverse Mortgage Daily and Monte Rose are pleased to present another free reverse mortgage training session where Monte will help you Master the Art of Inquiry to Maximize your Sales Effectiveness on Wed on March 4 at 12pm (EST).

Monte has spent over 10,000 hours with seniors at the kitchen table with seniors, where he learned the value of artful inquiry.  In the March installment of the MRBiz/RMDaily Training Session, he will share with you an intuitive, easy to adopt, sales process that will remove the "presentation pressure" that many salespersons feel. 


For those producers who feel no pressure, but are still looking for their "sales groove", this will definitely give you an approach to consider.  He will also share his conversation track, which you then can adapt to your voice and style.

As a bonus, attendees will receive Monte’s  Top Ten Questions to Ask Every Prospect.  Sign up today!

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