Reverse Mortgage Toolkit Offers Free Reverse Mortgage Calculator to Lenders

image Reverse Mortgage Guides just released a new reverse mortgage calculator that allows lenders to quickly embed a calculator onto their website.  The calculator is part of its Reverse Mortgage Toolkit and is currently free.

“We’re planning to cover our costs by offering a premium version in the future that will be a lot more powerful but for now we only have the free version with basic functionality,” said the Founder of Reverse Mortgage Guides.  You can see what the calculator looks like below.


Reverse Mortgage Calculator

If you want to add the calculator to your website, you can register for free at the link below.Reverse Mortgage Toolkit

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  • I like how the calculator displays more then one HECM program, shows the interest rate and includes the fixed rate program. Right now I’m using Financial Freedom’s calculator at but it only shows one program – but Financial Freedom provides it for free so it’s not bad for “free”.

    I’d like to see the premier version that reversetoolkit is producing and am wondering if it’s similar to ibis’s calculators. I like the ibis product, but it’s too expensive. For me, a single originator funding less then 10 loans per month, I’d have to pay a $750.00 set up fee and $150.00 per month. However, it provides consumers the capability to click a button and contact me with their product, and that additional functionality would be really nice.

  • Hi Jerry,

    Our rates are updated every Tuesday so they should always be current. I’m curious about your incorrect results comment – can you tell me what scenario you ran that gave you an unexpected result?

  • Actually, compared to existing calculators, the RM Guides calculator gives incorrect answers two-thirds of the time, not half the time.

    I see that they’ve updated their interest rates since my first post.

  • >>the RM Guides calculator gives incorrect answers two-thirds of the time, not half the time.

    You’re very vague Jerry – please give us some examples so we can confirm what you’re saying. It’s not fair to give unfavorable comments about your competition unless you’re able to support what you say. Maybe their calculator is correct two-thirds of the time and it’s your calculator that’s incorrect.

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