Golden Gateway Introduces Prepaid Card For Reverse Mortgage Proceeds

image Golden Gateway Financial introduced a new prepaid card program for reverse mortgage proceeds and a service that allows seniors to automatically pay bills from the card. 

The Golden Gateway Financial Your Money Prepaid MasterCard®, issued by The Bancorp Bank, allows reverse mortgage borrowers to immediately and securely receive their monthly proceeds on a reloadable prepaid card instead of a check.  The account is opened up at closing and cardholders can log into an online account to check their funds balance and transaction history.  

"New government regulations are making reverse mortgages more desirable than ever, and we’ve introduced these new services to provide even greater control and access to the funds made available through these programs," said Eric Bachman, founder and CEO of Golden Gateway Financial.


The card will help seniors track their expenses and provide the thousands of seniors who are underbanked a way to eliminate the need for check cashing services. In conjunction with the new card program, Golden Gateway Financial also offers the Priority Pay(SM) Service. This service allows seniors to enjoy their retirement with complete peace of mind — knowing that they will never miss paying a critical bill.

When I first read about the new program, I was under the impression that borrowers would have direct access to their line of credit through the card.  However, that’s not the case.  Borrowers are still required to make written requests to the servicer and then funds will be deposited onto the card.  

Golden Gateway Financial Makes Reverse Mortgages Safer, Easier and More Practical for Many Older Americans

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  • here we go again: Maybe consumer magazine has it right “lets take all the seniors money”. Where is the benefit of seniors putting thier money on a credit card so they can borrow it quicker. Great for thye lender who will be adding on intrest charges faster as they take lump sums to fund the cards. Where is the credit card company making thier money other than using the seniors money as it sits in the account. We have always tried to stretch seniors money by sending them a check and in emergency they can draw more money as needed.
    And also, with our congress MEMBERS who are clueless to seniors problems and voted to put a cap on our fees though no other industry has that problem. This limits banks and brokers fees which made Banks forced to increase thier margins and will make money and seniors will end up with less money as they are talked into taking all the cash out. Many are putting money in cd’s insurance products and not enjoying the benefits of a life time income. wait till seniors interest rate reaches 8and 9% with margins now 3.25% indexs will be going up and with the high margins don’t be supprised at rates.
    Who is looking out for seniors?

  • are they also limited to a $400 daily withdraw? look at the fees they will pay to access their own money. only the issuers and side deals from the mtg company makes money on this deal

  • I am not clear – is this a credit card you can go to a store and buy stuff or is it some type of service? If it is a credit card,my concern here security. Several of my clients have had their credit cards stolen/used by kids or workers in the home. If it is a credit card it one more way bad people can exploit the senior. Also, are there any additional costs for accessing their money?

  • This is a cool idea and can make reverse mortgages even better provided it is merely an easy way for seniors to withdraw from their line of credit when the need it instead of having to fax in or mail a request AND the interest rate is the same as it would be if they made a regular transfer or withdrawal. Anything that makes it easier for them is good. But if it is a way to make extra money by the banks by charging a different rate than the rate they would normally be charged or adding service fees, then forget it.

  • This is a lively discussion- I just thought I’d drop in to shed some additional light. If you read all the way to the end, I promise to do something ill-advised.

    For clarity’s sake:
    – We charge NOTHING for the card. We even got the issuing bank to waive ATM fees for withdrawals.
    – The card is absolutely optional.
    – We don’t even discuss the option until after the reverse mortgage is completed. The pre-paid “Your Money” card is one potential destination for the reverse mortgage monthly disbursements.

    I have two objectives in launching the “Your Money” card; one is self-serving, the other is not.

    The beneficent goal is safety and convenience for seniors. With the Your Money card:
    – The senior does not wait for a check to come in the mail every month.
    – There is no chance for the check to be stolen out of the mail
    – The un-banked senior (there are a lot of them) don’t have to pay exorbitant check cashing fees.
    – The senior can access the money at any ATM.
    – If the senior opts to transact from the card, s/he gets the protections of MasterCard’s chargeback protections.
    – If the senior losses the card or if it is stolen, the bank will replace it with it’s full value intact.
    – With the standard statements (not bills- the card is pre-paid) the senior can get a better sense of where his/ her money is going and, hopefully, make it last a little longer.
    This program is similar to the Social Security Administration’s move to distribute benefits on a pre-paid card only, because the card is MasterCard branded, the senior has the benefit of easier access and chargeback protection.

    “What is the self-serving goal?” you ask. Differentiation. When I founded this company, it was not be a typical reverse mortgage brokerage. My goal is to build a trusted financial brand for seniors. From the start we have made every effort to create greater transparency, to provide better education, and to move the bar in an industry that is, quite frankly, not always very forward thinking. We will continue to offer products and services that add value for our customers and separate us from the rest of the pack. And yes, we will continue to get good press for doing it.

    Now, here’s the promised, ill-advised move. My email is . I place this here knowing that some of you will choose to “slam me” more directly. I’m hopeful that some of you may wish to be kinder, or even to let me know that you’d like to be part of a growing, forward-thinking, customer focused organization.

  • I like that people are responding to critics on RMD… for some reason it just started happening, not sure why things have changed but its great.

    Eric, I think its a great idea, I’ve had customers pay for appraisals using a money order because they didn’t have a bank account. So if someone is offering them a prepaid card that helps them access their reverse mortgage proceeds…. awesome.

  • To Golden Gateway Financial-

    I think this is an awesome idea! I have clients that would rather not have money in a checking account. Some have expenses that exceed what they CAN have in a checking or savings account due to Medicaid or other public services.

    This is a wonderful way for them to have access to more money without jeopardizing their public services.

    Will you offer it to folks that didn’t get their reverse mortgage through your company?

    Thank you!

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