Ed McMahon, The Next Big Reverse Mortgage Spokesperson?

Reverse mortgage and celebrities seem to be a great fit.  Robert Wagner and James Garner are the two big names but others like Pat Summerall and Pat Boone are starting to follow in their footsteps.  Watching the Superbowl yesterday, Ed McMahon was featured alongside MC Hammer promoting Cash4Gold.com and it got me thinking… would Mr. McMahon be a good reverse mortgage spokesperson? Vote below. Heeeeeres reverse mortgages…..




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  • He would! Many seniors in financial difficulties could identify with someone who was riding high and is now broke, needing Trump to bail him out of foreclosure.

  • Yes. Definitely, Ed would be great. And I believe it would work. I’m still holding out for Oprah, though.

    If you think about it, Bruce Springsteen is now 59 and almost ready for a reverse mortgage. That makes me think of a whole bunch of interesting, future candidates for reverse mortgage spokespersons;

    Sly Stallone is 62.
    How about Tammy Faye Bakker, now age 65?

  • No. Ed McMahon is a bad role model. The millions upon millions of dollars he earned during his career he pissed them all away and was on the brink of losing his house to foreclosure.

    I think it would be an embarassment to the industry to have someone who has been in the news recently for being a complete idiot as its’ spokesperson.

  • Hi John – I agree with reversedude. The ad was quite painful for me to watch. As a baby boomer, I do not wanted to be reminded of others’ financial problems, and that is what Ed McMahon has become to me. Robert Wagner still seems sophisticated and cool. He is a winner to those who remember him. People want to associate with winners.

    I thik that would be awful considering his situation. That will make it look like it’s ok to mismanage your money then get a reverse mortgage to take care of it. There are plenty of other folks who would make great spokespersons. I hope anyone considering Ed is reading this.

  • Seriously, isn’t that what a reverse mortgage is for? When your done (or finally caught) running your local ponzi scheme and you need some cash to pay a lawyer, reverse mortgage sounds like it will work, wouldn’t it?

    Maybe we need to exhume a mafia king pin to do the ads. I think Don Gotti (would be age 69) might be an attractive alternative to Ed McMahon. I could see the ads now, “Free breakfast at Denny’s for any new applications, today only.”

  • I vote for Prince Charles. Surely he’s got a palace or manor house lying around that would pass an FHA appraisal.

    And who wouldn’t want to buy a product endorsed by someone who’s spent the majority of his public life promoting a product that belonged on my grandparent’s shelf (yes, they had a ceremonial tea mug for the queen’s coronation)? Who’s Robert Wagner kidding? Let’s go for real royalty!

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