AARP: Making Money, Losing Trust

image Bloomberg TV will be airing a special report today about everyone’s favorite company AARP.  The report AARP: Making Money, Losing Trust investigates why some seniors say this highly respect organization does a better job of working for its own financial well being than theirs.

Thanks to Jack for the tip. It’s airing tonight at 7pm & 9pm.


If you missed the airing you can watch it here (thanks Beth).

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  • So true. As a reverse mortgage lender, can you imagine what would happen if we sold our product to seniors as “senior discounted” plans, but in reality charged more than twice what the competition charges? That is what AARP does via insurance products.

  • I thought AARP is suppose to be an unbiased, subjective source for the senior community to count on for solid insurance and financial guidance ha ha. I am glad to see more and more news stories exposing AARP for who they really are.

  • Missed the broadcast, but a lot of people confuse AARP and the AARP Foundation. That’s understandable given their respective names. The latter is a non-profit foundation set up to study retirement issues and was instrumental in the implemenattion of the pilot HECM program. I hope the broadcast shed some light on the relationship and/or distinctions so the for-profit side doesn’t get the credit for the non-profit’s work.

  • If you missed the broadcast you can view the 26 minute video by going to – search for AARP and you’ll find the video.

    Unfortunately this channel/station isn’t available to everyone. It would be great if the main/national channels also did this story.

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