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imageReverse Mortgage Daily continues to present me with great opportunities and it seems to only get better as time goes by.  In March I will be speaking at the European Financial Management & Marketing Association’s Mortgage Finance conference in Istanbul, Turkey about reverse mortgages.  It’s a two day conference that will explore various issues facing mortgage lenders, including:

  • The impact of the economic crisis – The effect on the volume of business taking place; the impact on how banks sell/underwrite mortgages; and risk management and funding issues.
  • The profitability of mortgage activities – The need to increase profitability is a more topical item than ever. Banks must increase revenues whilst reducing costs through higher productivity and operational excellence. Ideas include even longer loans, and cross-selling to gain benefits from other products.
  • Selling and servicing mortgages via the Internet – The event will look at examples of best practices. Does the current crisis (and the associated loss of confidence in banking) have an impact on the use of the Internet for selling mortgages?

Here is what I’m covering on reverse mortgages.

Reverse Mortgages:  an emerging market creating growth opportunities for banks

  • Overview of the reverse mortgage industry in the US.
  • Illustrations of banks utilizing effective strategies for growth in the reverse mortgage industry.
  • The availability of reverse mortgages internationally.
  • Communication / Marketing / Education Strategies.

For more information about the conference check out the link below.

EFMA Mortgage Finance Event

Any RMD readers in Istanbul? =)

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  • Hello John,

    Congratulations on your speaker appointment in Turkey.
    I am a reverse mortgage specialist in Australia and receive RMD, together with all press releases accessed from Google concerning the US market.
    I would be pleased to provide details to you about the Australian market, together with any articles which may be useful for RMD


    Paul Dwyer
    Melbourne and Peninsula Reverse Mortgages

  • I am curious about your background in Reverse Mortgages, Mr. RMD: Namely, have you ever been involved at the local client level from intial Senior contact, thru counseling; application; appraisal; fixing lender home issue conditions; and, finally, loan closing? I appreciate RMD very much; Frankly, I just wonder how familiar you are with the living issues Seniors truly have which make a RM a very vivable financial Godsend for most– and what it takes at the Senior client level to put a RM in place.

  • Thank you for your response: Please always remember–
    Nothing happens at the top unless, and until, a loan
    officer/originator (Salesman/woman) initiates and perseveres thru closing a Reverse Mortgage Loan with a Senior Client. RMD should, in my opinion, always have that fact as its editorial foundation. Good Luck and Fortune in your World Travels.

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